Here’s how you can discuss the holidays to close out the year strong.

During the fourth quarter, a lot of potential clients will ask you, “Is it a good idea to sell my home during the holidays?” Today I’ll let you in on the best way to answer them. 

Everyone knows things slow down in the fall and winter, and we’ve already had historically low inventory in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This means sellers will have next to no competition. Your clients will likely receive multiple offers with favorable terms, so let them know that the market slowdown will actually work in their favor.

“Now is a great window of opportunity for your sellers.”

Next, let them know that even though there are fewer buyers, the ones who are still around are much more serious about buying a home. On top of that, there may be more buyers than they think. A lot of people are moving to our area from out of state, and they probably want to get things settled in time for the holidays. That means now is a great window of opportunity for your sellers. If your clients sell by the end of the year, they could take advantage of tax benefits as well. 

A lot of local businesses are also dressing up for the holidays. People love Christmas decorations, and if a buyer is visiting our area, they are more likely to bond emotionally. This means we could see even more relocating buyers than normal. 

Usually, around 20% of the homes sold annually in Dallas/Fort Worth are sold in the fourth quarter. If you are looking to finish the year off strong, there is still plenty of time. If you have any questions, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!