How we’re helping our buyer clients win houses with all cash.

If possible, we want our clients to buy houses with cash because then we don’t have to write contingencies, we get better terms, and a cash offer has a four times greater chance to win than an offer with financing. To that end, we’ve partnered up with a private company.

“Homeward will buy the home, you’ll move into it, then buy it back from them.”

We send our buyer clients over, and they can get approved in 72 hours. The buyer has to meet some criteria, like a 680 credit score, but then they can buy a home with cash. Homeward will buy the home for them with cash, they’ll move into the home, and then they’ll buy the home directly from Homeward while they’re living in the house. This way, they don’t have to move twice.

First-time homebuyers and buyers with financing or contingencies could especially benefit from this offer. There is a 1.9% purchase price convenience fee, but if our client decides to use them as their mortgage officer, they will waive that entire fee.

If you want to know more about private company and their program, call or email me.

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