Many people don’t know how fantastic this real estate market is.

Inventory is extremely low, and my team and I have come up with three ways you can find more listings:

1. Old school door knocking. We go to a subdivision we want to get listings in, knock, and offer two things. First, we ask if they’d like to know what their property is worth. Many people don’t know how fantastic this real estate market is or how much their home is worth. Second, we bring all the offers from previous homes we’ve sold and show them we have at least 29 buyers looking to get into their neighborhood. When they see all the demand, they may want to discuss potentially listing their house.

2. Expired listings. We can go into our multiple listing service and look up all expired and canceled listings. You might be thinking there aren’t many, but we go back at least a year, maybe even two. Again, potential sellers don’t necessarily know what’s going on in the market. We’ve called sellers who tried to sell 18 months ago and told them they could possibly get the same price they listed their home for back then. Then we’ll ask if they’d like us to come over and explain what it would take to get their home sold. 

“Many people don’t know how fantastic this real estate market is.”

3. Buyer pipeline. You need a pipeline of all your buyers. Here at the DARE Network, we currently have more than 40 buyers looking to purchase. We’ve sent each of their criteria to the top teams in the area and our entire database. We sent out over 2,000 emails and texts and received about 184 responses from people thinking about selling. We discussed their needs and set 16 appointments for potential listings. 

If you like these ideas, feel free to schedule a one-on-one appointment with me, and I’d be glad to go over all these strategies and anything else about your business you’d like to discuss. If you want to know more about our business, I teach a three-hour business planning clinic where I essentially tell you everything we do in detail, and you can sign up right here. We hope to hear from you soon.

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